Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The goat stole it!

Yes! Finally another 'dream' post. I was starting to get worried, because its been a while since I've had some dreams I remember when I wake up. I like dreaming and then being able to talk about it to others. And last night, my wish was finally granted. Now I know I've GOT to eat the pani puri now. This thing was the breaking point of my patience!

I dreamt that I was at some event/festival with my cousins, and my little sister divya. We little ones were sitting in a hall, and there was something going on at the stage, I think it would have been like a play or magic show or something. but it was really boring for us... So I decided to walk out, see what the grown ups were doing. I walked around, found my cousins, I think I remember ruchi didi and nitin bhaiya, and they wanted some privacy, LOL, I mean away from ME, so they shooed me off. Disappointed, I came back in the hall, and sat there for a little more time, then I couldn't take it any longer.

I think I kinda signaled divya and my cousins or they just decided to walk out after me, and we decided to go eat pani puri together! (now that I say why didn't I think of that earlier?) And while we were standing there, it started raining. Ah! Love rain! And now we were all happy and entertained and everything, and suddenly a goat or some other animal, caught 'dupatta' or scarf of one of them and ran away, and we chased it..... We probably did end up making a big fool of ourselves before we finally caught it, but I didn't dream that part, or atleast I don't remember. Maybe I just woke up then. And started typing.

And that my friend was another adventure of my subconscious mind.


  1. loved the line...adventure of my subconscious mind.
    its just that we think of such stuff so many times..thats such a nie way to frame it!

  2. thanks for the compliment and the appreciation.