Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hey guys, sorry, no yash for you tonight. As yash hasn't been feeling quite upto the task these days, I have decided to intervene and write this blog on his behalf tonight. I'm just trying to make him feel threatened, so that he'd return to the blogosphere to defend his honor and territory.

Lets start right after his last blog post. Monday was the first day of the extra life drawing session, and his tutor/mentor Danny a.k.a. Dio, asked him to show up there by 5:30 pm. He was reluctant at first because he wasn't sure if he'd be able to make it there that early. But after dio suggested that he'd save his spot, there was no doubt yash was going to show up! Oh yeah, now that oliver was an intern too, they could go in and draw together and yash is pretty happy about that. So him and his buddy go get some food, and go over to yash's house, to pick up his stuff, but what that idiot realized just too late, is that he doesn't have a fresh pad of newsprint. Guess some things never change. So in life drawing, he's drawing over his gestures from the workshop, and drawing two to three poses on one sheet. He thinks he's had a kind of breakthrough or something, but he's still nowhere near a good portfolio piece! One would think that he would improving by the time portfolio's are due, but yash is pretty nervous about the whole thing.

After the extra life, he goes over to oliver's room to hang for a bit, he has a couple things to show oliver, and he needs to use the internet again. But oliver seems to be okay with that, even though he usually sleeps by 10:30 and he also has homework to do. Oliver made some tea, (tisane, technically) and asks yash to try it. (Oh boy! I can tell this is going to be fun! *wringing hands*) Damn! He didn't puke! Oh anyways, he left for home pretty late, hope oliver got enough sleep.

The next day, today actually, OK, let me specify, just in case, TUESDAY! On tuesday, yash actually slept in, and after waking up, he tried doing a few pushups (press ups) but found his muscles were still too worn out from yesterday. On the brighter side, his tongue finally felt better, now he can eat anything and everything he wants! So things were looking up, but they're not gonna stay the same for long; while in college, he just lost it! He was getting too much "negative vibe" from people around him so he went into a sad and isolated state of mind. Sat alone quietly through all of communication skills class. But by the end of it, he was looking full of energy! Probably because he finally realized why he was put into the basic communication skills class instead of the essential communication skills.(his essay was in first and second person instead of the third person that all academic essays conform to) And even though the course is mostly the things he's been told countless times in school, he's learning a few new things.

So he quickly runs back to his house, to get some food, and comes back JUST in time for life drawing again. Lets see what he gets done today. Now he's probably gonna be really tired and exhausted by the end, but all that matters is that he's satisfied with himself and what he did with his time today.There!
He's lived through one more day of his puny life and learnt numerous new things but has he learnt enough to survive the next one? Only time will tell!

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