Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Note to self

Whoa! This morning my alarm rang at almost 8 and woke me up, but I figured I could sleep in, so I went back to dreamland. And that's where one of the weirdest things happened! I was in a HUGE building, running around, trying to find some good clothes to wear. In the beginning, it was like a shopping complex. Then later, it turned into maybe a bhavan, or a huge house. All my family was there, and were preparing for a wedding(I guess because only wedding ceremonies are so elaborate!) Perhaps that's why I was trying to find a good kurta to wear... From one window, I could see the whole town! Brightly lit up, looking like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen before. Even better than the city lights I saw from my flight when I came to canada. I think it was more like a patio or verandah... I was sitting down, with my feet dangling off the ledge. I felt like we were in an aeroplane, flying. Then something happened, and the whole town's lights went off. and there was a burst or wave of wind that shook all the trees in its path as it blew towards me! It was turning into a nightmare I figured...

The rest is as crazy as crazy can get. Maybe science fiction or fantasy... I dunno. But I don't want to relive that. So I'll move ahead to when I actually got around to doing something productive - Breakfast! I decided to make an omlet (or is it spelled omelet?). I was more confident about it today, than the last time I made an omlet - which was quite a while ago - because now, I was very comfortable breaking an egg, and I knew what I was gonna put in the omlet, and I knew it was gonna taste amazing.... a little too amazing. Because I chopped up one whole chilli pepper for only two eggs. I also chopped up about 1/5th of an onion, and if I knew I had tomatoes, I'd have added that too.

And as I was watching diggnation while eating it between two whole grain breads, (the kind that has all those granules in it...) I ate one unusually large piece of green chilly with the bite. And after about 4 glasses of ice cold water, I left a note to self - "cut the damn chilli into smaller pieces next time!) That was something so HOT, nick would have loved it!

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