Wednesday, September 19, 2007

seXXXXXXXXXXXXXXual orientation

Oh boy! Tragedy averted! I know I was scared to death when I realized I couldn't put the x key back in the keyboard! Also, I was late for the painting class. I guess I shouldn't have decided to try and clean my keyboard about 10 minutes before the class was supposed to start. Infact, I should have just left the cleaning/fixing for the professionals at the apple store. But the improper functioning of the x key on my macbook pro keyboard was too much for me to handle. I was twitching to fix it asap. Well, I couldn't miss the painting class, so I went in, but I walked out on the pretext of meeting someone at the international center. I went to the IT department, but they said I'd have to go to the mac help place but they were out for a meeting so I would have to wait till after lunch time. I went there at 2.05, but they were still out. And then I had to run for my next class. And since I was supposed to meet oliver and Taruna at the pit at 6, I ran there instead of going to the mac help room. I happened to show Oliver my laptop, and I just asked Oliver to try and fix it.... you know... as a challenge... I thought he'd drive himself nuts trying to fix it. And then give up... But he actually fixed it! Oh boy, He's a GENIUS! HAH!

Then we went to the res, they had a taco night there, so we thought we'd get some good cheap food... But the tacos were not really that great, and both of us were still hungry! So it was decided we'd go to macdonalds! Great idea.... not exactly! first we ended up with 6 people who wanted to go. Then two dropped out. Then one lost his key and spent an awful long time trying to find it... All three of us were super hungry, Me Oliver and Nick. Jeremy didn't find his key, and in the end, just decided not to come. So after all that, we finally got to macdonalds quite late, and the hunger was satisfied! After dropping off Nick at his house, we came back to the pit.

What happened next, I never thought would happen. It was just really weird and awkward. For some reason, I kept thinking, brendan was gay, and I had to verify that. I was just curious. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I gave in and just popped the question. I sure caught brendan off guard. And that was a funny situation! Oh, even I am laughing now that I look back on it.

Y: "what's your sexual orientation?"
B: "what?"
O: "He's basically asking are you gay!"
P: "why are you interested?" (laughing)
Y: "'DOH!" (in my head)
B: "don't you think that's too personal?" (in his typical very gay sounding voice)
Y: "umm... ohh... aaaaa....mmmm...... YEAH it is. sooooo if you don't want to answer, it, its okay... I just had to ask...(yeah right!)
B: "I'd better stay away from this guy" (in his head)
Awkward silence.

Then I go on and make myself look like an even bigger idiot by trying to crack some stupid jokes I remember...

Oh god, what have I done! My public image will never be the same again!

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