Monday, September 10, 2007


So sorry to disappoint you regular readers for not being able to blog the last few days, Actually, I had a few quality control issues to take care of. You see, on 7th (friday itself) Sujata tells me, she enjoys reading my blog just as much as she enjoys reading some chetan bhagat guy! What?! How dare she compare me to some noobie writer who's only written two bestseller books? I had to get my act together if I am to separate myself from him! And so, I have been contemplating more than I have been writing. I had even typed up another blog entry on my cellphone, which is at my house at the moment, so I can't post that. But I will quickly whip up another one just for you special people!

Lets see... I watched pulp fiction on friday, and next day was a really exciting day of the workshop after such a long break. And by the time I was back, deep had finally started living here, and vironica was having her family over for dinner. I also went and picked up my rakhi, blah blah blah...

Sorry, I just can't do this. I'm just not feeling very strongly about anything. So to make you guys go through a long winding boring story about 'nothing' would be a crime. Just would like to let you guys know the internet at my house has been disconnected, so I can't be online most of the times. Gotta get a new connection asap!

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