Thursday, September 06, 2007

The big explosion

Oh boy, its that time of the year again! I get to blog about my experience of the first week/day/class. I remember the entry titled A107 that I posted on 11th which was like one of my first blogs about my classes here. I really look back and wish I had done a post about my first day in the creative I college, I regret not having given it much importance or not having thought about it much. Well, I guess its not too late, I still remember that day, so I will do it one of these days. Now lets overview what we did today

I was sitting at the second place from the door and I introduced myself to the other people around me, and got to know their names too. I already knew who the instructor was, so I wasn't too excited about that, and I also let others know he sucks! Actually, they would have figured that out themselves within two minutes of him being in the class. He spends a REALLY long time writing down his name and his email address on the board and C'est Moi!!!! in huge letters next to it. I guess he expected us to be excited about that(judging by the 4 exclamation marks) but that's not happening. Then, he gave us these cloth pins on which we had to do a self portrait, so that when its hung in front of the hallway, with 600 or so others, people can recognize us by the 'artwork'. Hmmmm...Interesting...

I was under the impression we had to do it in class.. so I decided to use the design of my 'shanti' t-shirt to denote me. And as I went on doing it, I wasn't particularly happy with the result... Maybe I'll do something OVER it... lets see... But this was reminiscent of the post it note thing he did in our class last semester... so I thought he wasn't doing that one this time, but he did ask us to write something down on a stupid post it note. Oh well... Then he gave that boring 'I don't have a humorous bone in my body' speech. God I want to kill somebody! I even had a bomb with me! Yes, a REAL bomb.

But it was just a stupid lil 'flashlight' cracker... someone left it in the class on the table. I was itching to burst it... I asked cory for his lighter, and was going to light it and throw it right there when sitting in the class, but I decided to wait till we stepped out for our break. And in the break, I just lit it and threw it in the hallway in the pit. Cory was really close to it, he was scared for sure. He was like "jeez gimme a warning before u do that!" And a lot of other kids in the pit were startled too. I also heard some swearing but it was pretty funny. I would definitely do that again!

Now I'm too tired to go on, I got to go back to sleep. so I'll update you on more stuff tomorrow then.