Monday, June 25, 2007

All these and more

I always thought "how much money could he be making when he's sitting downstairs in the house all day!" Then his really silly actions to cut down his expenses like having a slow as hell internet connection! Its even slower than the broadband connection I used in India! He got rid of a lot of channels on cable so now I only get 8 channels! Man! I feel like I'm living in some third world country! He wouldn't even turn the heat up a lot! My room would be cold during the winter, and now its the hottest place during hot days on the summer! I say, I didn't get my ass out of there sooner!

So here's a bunch of reasons I think justify me moving out of here.

  • The room only has a table lamp. It is too dark to work after sundown!
  • The Ethernet cable is faulty, I can never connect to the internet using that, and he won't agree that it needs to be replaced.
  • The router setting blocks my laptop and cellphone from successfully conecting via wi-fi.
  • There is a lot og junk in the closet which I asked him to move out but he still hasn't.
  • The cat walks in the room if the door is open and walks all over my bed and ME!
  • If I leave the door closed, there is no ventilation and it gets really hot during summer.
  • The table is getting smaller and smaller for all my needs. Maybe I'd have more room if it wasn't for that damn table lamp!
  • There is nothing to watch on the T.V. (only 8 channels remember?)which was part of the facilities I am paying for.
  • The tv in the basement doesn't have a working remote control so watching television alone by myself is really inconvenient.
  • Mostly, a couple of my stuff has gone missing and I say its unacceptable!
Plus, he recently told me, "I've got a lot of things going on in my life right now, and the house is getting kinda expensive, so I'm thinking of selling it."

There you have it!

Now the dilemma as to where I should move in!