Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We miss john parker

2d design Tiger
by ~yashrg on deviantART

This here was my 2d design assignment that I did for john parker. He was a great teacher and we will miss not having him around. No, he didn't die or anything, LOL. why would you think of it like that? He's an amazing person, I wish he'd never die! And be teaching generations to come. And hopefully, he will teach me again someday. But for now, I am stuck with mike mccartney. He is just one big doofus! Okay, you got me! This post is really a 'we hate mike mccartney' post disguised as a nice loving tribute to john parker. Mike is such a bad teacher that compared to him, even sybil would seem awesome. Atleast we ended up doing some work with her.

Now john and mike are two ends of a string. If john's the best there is, the god, Mccartney is the worst, the devil! Mike's just really dull. He has no energy, no excitement. Nothing about the way he teaches us makes me want to work for him. Plus, I hate people without a sense of humor. He has this one creepy expression on his face at all times, and sometimes he has fits or sudden outbursts which really freak me out. This guy should be in an asylum. Or atleast anywhere but my class for our sake. And that's why, I can't wait for week 8.


  1. haha .. reminds me of profs at my coll too .. theres this nice guy .. then there's this exactly opposite of him .. evil, sadistic and a paedophile !!