Sunday, June 03, 2007

On the bright side, all the channels are back...

I had that weird feeling again this morning. The feeling that I'm in some television show or movie. Someone is directing my life, all the things and everyone around me. This time, I was watching tv while having lunch before heading out to college, and I notice that all the channels on the tv are back on! And I had just talked about that to my parents yesterday. I said that I was thinking of moving out of here because I feel kinda hot upstairs during the night even with the fan on. Dad said that's just silly. We are sleeping here in temperatures reaching 45 degrees! Personally, I feel the same way, totally shocked because even I lived there in such heat for all my life, but lately, I dunno why I get so sweaty at nights here with temperatures as low as 24 degrees! Still, I try to explain to dad,

"But I can't sleep well because of that. And he should turn the air con on!"

"Then tell him to!"

"He's just really nice... I can't go and approach him like that."(yeah I'm just a wuss when it comes to confrontation) "And there are not many channels on the tv either!"


Dad goes "Did you go all the way to canada to watch tv?"

"Nooo... I'm saying that cable was included in the rent... and he has recently gotten rid of the packages so he should have reduced the rent!"

"Then talk to him and ask him to reduce the rent!"

And we're back to square one. Now all the above conversation was done in hindi, and unless my landlord knows hindi or a translator, and was spying on me, there is NO freakin way he could have gotten all the cable channels back on that very day unless ofcourse, the director of the 'Yash gupta show' had told him to.


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