Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another weird dream!

And yet again, I'm left wondering, how the heck does out brain come up with such things??? This dream involved 'mount carmel' and one of the teachers (I think) named 'meena', of the school. She is small and thin and has glasses and I think she is south Indian... Almost reminds me of Lola kutty. Well, anyways, lets get to the story. I don't really feel so good, my cold got worse yesterday or maybe overnight. Need to get as much rest as I can.

Okay, so I'm in high school and I just find out that we were supposed to give a science test in class today. And I hadn't studied for it. I was totally freaked out! I didn't know what I would do. The teacher who came to be our invigilator was meena teacher. (when I was up and analyzing this dream, I was thinking how come meena teacher came to administer a science class test when she taught us math?) Well, she gave us the question papers and I am just blank! My answer sheet only has random meaningless gibberish. I can't think of the answers for any one of those questions! That's odd, because I would usualy remember stuff taught in the class and could use that for something even if I hadn't studied from books prior to the test. Now cheating would seem like a probable path to take, but for some reason, I didn't see myself cheating. Now I was just in a complete state of despair.

I guess that was when I woke up. I have a lot of things in mind this dream might indicate to, but I don't want to type any longer and just get back to bed. maybe I'll respond to your comments regarding what it symbolize.

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