Friday, May 25, 2007

Sleeping nude

Last night, when I was getting ready to go to bed, it was 24 degrees and even though I had opened the window, my room was pretty warm. So I shut the door, turned off the light and got into my bed and tucked myself into my throw. Now some of you may feel I'm going into uncharted territory here, but bear with me for this one post okay?....pleeeeeeeeese? If its not embarassing for me to type this, why is it awkward for u to read? Oh come ON! I'm not describing a wet dream here!

Now for the brave and courageous who dare to venture further below, the rest of the story :

As I started feeling hot down under, so I just took off my shorts and my undies. Now I was completely naked. And considerably cooler and more comfortable. I didn't even worry about anyone walking in on me like that. Because even though there's no lock here, its my room and no one will walk in without knocking. Privacy and personal space and everything is given much importance here. Not like in India where I couldn't even close my bedroom door without making the parents REALLY suspicious and angry. And if I didn't lock it, EVERYONE would waltz right into the room without giving a second thought. If I slept in real late, even the bai would come into the room and start cleaning and BOY would that have been embarrassing! So I could never do that in India. The best I did was sleep in my shorts...

Even the ONLY computer in the house was in MY room. Dad would come in and start using it whenever he had to, and that ancient thing made noise loud enough to wake me up! If not dad, then other times it was Divya. I thought having my own room would be great and very personal, but I was wrong. And I really pity harsh in seoni, as he never got a room to himself... considering it was a joint family, it was not going to change. But now he's finally out of the house and in a hostel... Hmm... ever considered that boys only want to get away from home so that they can sleep nude? No really, not having underwear opposing your erection while sleeping is amazing. Is that too much to ask for?


  1. hehe .. i still haven't experienced sleepin nude .. i live in a hostel where we are 4 in a room .. next year onwards i get single rooms .. so from next yr i ll sleep nude only and hey hostels in india do have locks .. hehe

  2. well bud, I've never stayed in a hostel. I did share a room with two other guys once in mumbai tho.

  3. hey abhinav, I've noticed that we have kind of the same sense of humor. you always notice the funny parts in posts and the funny posts even if nobody else does... And that makes me even more excited about posting an entry.

  4. Lolz..I'll be getting to a hostel sooner, so i start thinking of sleeping nude , all thanks to your post [:P].

  5. I'm really hoping u don't have a roommate. or poor gy will be traumatised badly.