Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stinking feet!


"Oh come on, stop whining. Uhhhh, Aargh!!!"

"Hey stop with the shoving."

"I will, if you will just stop being such a lazy bum!"

"I'm tired!"

"Shut up and get down."

"I told you not to make me walk so much!"

"I was walking with you dude, so stop arguing and start walking!"

"No, I don't want to get out of bed."

"Listen, I have to get to class at 9! so if you won't co operate, I will be late!"

"You knew I was getting tired. Still you had to make me go on. Now you'll have to pay for your mistakes!"

"Just get this in your head - If you even have one - that I am the boss, and you do what I say. Not the other way around! I give the orders around this body. So give up the nonsense!"

And that was how I got my feet to get out of the bed after a night of hanging out in Toronto with mickey! We walked from almost 3 pm to 10 pm! From the Union to the apple store, to chapters, cineplex, some cafe(french?), queen street (I think...my memory is bad), and back to the Go station! I bought a book titled "All About techniques in "drawing for animation" from chapters and I believe its really gonna help me out with my portfolio. But now, I feel kinda guilty about spending too much money. I can't wait to get my first paycheck. Yeah, however insufficient or negligible the amount may be, it feels great to get paid. Well, anyways, one thing I wanted to point out that I realized that day which is that I tend to say things that are prone to misinterpretation, or maybe I just later contradict what I said. As a case in point, I'd like to present a funny incident that happened with sujata in pune.

We were gonna go to sujata's place, and spend the night there, so we needed sustenance a.k.a. FOOD. We agreed we'd be making maaggi noodles (Oh how I miss thee!!) even though Sumit didn't really like them. I talked to suju about 'Maggi atta noodles" that had dehydrated peas and carrots in the tastemaker and it tasted really good. Later, when we were going to her house, she stopped at a grocery store and picked up a few things including carrots. When we got home, she said she was going to put these carrots in the noodles!

"NOOO don't do that! I hate carrots!"

"What? I thought u said you liked carrots!"

"I just said I liked that particular kind of noodles that had dehydrated carrots in the soup base."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yeah, if you'll put these carrots, they'll stink up the noodles and make it taste awful!"

"oh well, fine then."

If you don't see the context, just close this page and go do something else.

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