Thursday, May 17, 2007

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I have been unusually occupied or tired since Saturday the 12th and I haven't been able to post a blog entry about that. But suffice it to say that no matter how much I prepare, and what I do, my Saturdays always get ruined. So I just want to forget it as a bad memory and move ahead. But to where? To the now? Not even remotely exciting enough for a blog post. How about we take a flashback? Lets go back a day and see how Wednesday morning began for me.

If you know me well enough, then I shouldn't need to mention that the first thing I did after I got out of bed was turn on my computer and check my mail. And as soon as I opened my gmail, I saw the first email sitting there, from: Rohin, subject: ur search ends !!! I read the first few lines that appear next to subject in gmail inbox, "hi yash , ur search is finally comes to an end......yes it's me rohin !!" (yeah, his english is still like it was in 8th grade...maybe he is writing from the past... How amazing would that be!! Like the Lake house) ok, jokes apart, lets get to the real deal... And the joy I felt that second is a feeling I will never forget. It WAS in reality, "A dream come true" situation! It was like I'm in a fairy tale. I went "fuck this is too good to be true!" I immediately wrote him a reply saying that if this was really happening, this is the happiest day in my miserable life here; And if he was just someone playing a joke, I would still like to thank him for those few seconds of ecstasy when I read the first line of his letter.

I gave him my number and asked for his number. He replied back asking me to come to some chatting website called with an alias I'd rather not say...I'm just kinda embarassed... But I was on the phone with monu didi. I had called her up to wish jijaji happy birthday but he wasn't home so I just asked monu didi to wish him on my behalf. When I got back to gmail, It had been half hour since his email and so, even though I logged in at 'masalatalk', I couldn't find him. I waited for few more minutes during which I got pinged by total strangers looking to kill some time chatting. I hate being impolite but it was hard to control my temper. Can you imagine you're having one of the most important moments of ur life like say a job interview or your final exam and u are constantly being disturbed by perverts or maybe on a less intense note, plain morons who are probably really horny or extremely dimwitted and don't give a damn what you are dealing with. But I didn't loose it. I just emailed rohin back and told him I couldn't make it in time and hence didn't find him.

Then I had to run to the college catch the bus in which we were going to Toronto zoo at 9 am. I hadn't even dried my hair properly nor combed it. I had no idea how hideous my hair looked but since no one commented, I was fine. The trip to the zoo was long and torturous... with maurice singing songs so loud that I couldn't listen to my mp3 player at full volume. I am lucky to have survived that phase!(and still I went and sat next to maurice on the return trip.. what was I thinking?.. but more on that later...) Then someone sitting at the last seat decided to paste a sign at the back window saying "honk if you're horny" LOL. Apart from that, everything kept reminding me of the fresher's party at the creative I college. I was missing my old chums so much. I took a few pictures in the bus, not many of which turned out okay. The shutter speed was so slow that almost all the photos were blurred. Now this reminded me of my cool fuji finepix f10... LOL.

In the zoo, those who had not been there before were supposed to go in with someone who had been to the zoo before so that no one got lost and everyone makes it back to the bus at 3 pm. I
however ended up with martin. Martin is really quiet most of the time, speaks only when necessary and is happy in his own world. He is exactly like sumit. I even asked him if he was born in January and he said yes. I guessed that based on Linda Goodman's sun signs book. He was probably the first one who started drawing and watching him draw made me want to start drawing too. But I was more keen towards taking some good pictures. I have uploaded some of the good sketches on already so lemme know what u think.

As the day passed, I was getting hungrier. I crossed a lot of little kids (who had come to the zoo for a field trip with their school too..) and watched them eating chips and sandwiches and candy. I was totally wishing I had some of those for myself... haha.. I was really confused trying to find the restaurant that was supposed to be open that day, because honestly, their map was really bad. I even found it hard to navigate around the other areas of the zoo.. But in the end, I did get a satisfying slice of pizza and a glass of coke. By the time I finished, we had only 2 hours left to go around and see the americas the african rainforests, the eurasia and the australian animals. I didn't think we'd be able to finish it all in time, but the australia exhibit was closed so we got little more time on our hands. I was kinda disappointed though, because I was keen on watching those unique species from down under. Speaking about down under,... they should have penguins too!

By the time we got back to the bus, it had started to rain a little.. Luckily the driver came soon enough and let us all in before we all got pneumonia. The rainfall got heavier soon after. And like I mentioned earlier, I was sitting next to maurice for a few mins and I got up and walked to the front and sat next to martin when I couldn't stand his constant blabbering anymore. I noticed martin was playing on his Nintendo DS. I was immediately reminded of the sony psp advert and I think I made it apparent for martin that I was kinda in the same position right then. But I was totally overjoyed when he asked if I wanted to play his DS. I had never played on a nintendo DS before and I had even contemplated buying one of my own just a few days ago. This was probably the next happiest event of the day. I know I could have gotten a little irritating with my constant need for help with the games and consoles, but martin did not appear dejected at all. Now I am thinking I'd REALLY get one. Just need to do a little more research into it.

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