Friday, August 25, 2006

2day i woke up crying

There is a place in my dreams where i go often. I can even remember 2-3 dreams. The place is like a 'mela' in some small town or village..or it could be a village bazaar..cant really tell much it was a dream after all. And then there is a poor old lady with a baby. I'm sure it is a girl. In those dreams when i go 2 that place, I always give that old lady begger few rupees.
I am very against giving alms and encouragin beggers but there are times i just give. There was one time on rakshabandhan. I was returnin from watching a movie with pranav.(cars, at inox) I was standing on a signal waitin 4 it 2 turn green and a little girl came to me begging for some money. I immediately gave her whatever coin i could find. And i felt very very sad. I started crying..I hadn't cried in a long time.
I think you can guess now where i am going with this story. In tonight's dream, I walk over to the begger..its like i know where she always sits. And reach into my pocket and pull out all the coins in there.Quite i handfull. And i look at her girl sleeping in her lap. Then start handing her coins one by hands are shivering and I am already on the verge of breaking into tears. After a few coins, I open up my other hand to see exactly how many coins are still left, and keep giving them to her 1 by 1. But at a point the stops me and gives me a rupee coin back. That was all that she needed or that much she wanted to take from me. I stand up and walk away crying silently..rivers of tears rolling down both my cheeks..
that's when i woke up and realized i am in my bed crying....
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