Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gmail just wouldnt open!!!

In my previous post you saw, I was very excited about running the graphics card successfully and downloading stuff on the broadband! The graphics card didnt turn out all cheers for anyone. I feel even disappointed than Arjun bhaiya. Sure he`s more annoyed and tired than disappointed. But you must read the rest of that story here.
Arjun bhaiya also deflated my excitement about broadband when he told me that in just 18 days of installation of broadband, he had used almost all of his download limit! The limit is 1.8gb and he`s used almost 1.7! He`s been downloading a lot of stuff lately! He had edonkey installed on his pc and also limewire p2p clients. He`s also been downloading many softwares from download.com and "HIGH BITRATE SONGS". Now I do believe even if u have excellent quality speakers like jbl, and a broadband connection, theres no point in downloading a song of size 8.5 mb! He said that he`d wait for the night only to download large files(Larger than 50mb) He`d download all the other smaller files during the daytime itself. That, and constantly updating all the softwares and windows was the reason why all the bandwidth got used up so soon!
And thats why, I have to wait till 2 a.m. to start downloading my files...cartoons, e-books, songs, and if I feel lucky, even some movie clips/videos.
I am two hours away from starting to download stuff all night! I just hope I find more non-rapidshare links to download at the time when rapidshare asks me to wait.


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