Thursday, February 16, 2006

This Whole week sucks!

I thought it was just a day of being yelled and screamed at but it turns out this WHOLE week is going to be miserable with much more agonizing stuff than I had ever thought before.
This realization dawned on me today, when after returning from the barber`s I had a accident at second the very same place! ok, why don't I just go in the order in which things took place instead of going into a flashback?
I decided to leave for "paradise" the place where I used to get my hair cut before I moved to pune. On the way there, I was driving at around 25-30kmph when a stupid son of a bitch A$$-h0le @#$*# %#^# and what not, started going to the right without indicating or looking back to see if anyone was coming. I couldn't have predicted where that IDIOT would go next so I pulled on the brakes and SLIPPED! I just don't believe this! Now I thought that from the next time on, I wont stop for anything and just collide head on! That way its not only me who gets hurt! But I didn't stick around and decided to just get the haircut done with.
But then, when I was coming back,(in a hurry because me and divya had to go take the wave to the service centre because it wasn't giving the average they had promised in the manual/promos) ahem...When I was coming back, at the same place, another stupid son of a bitch A$$-h0le @#$*# %#^# and what not walked onto the road from behind a car and even though I had decided not to, the immediate reflex was to pull on the brakes as hard as my fingers could and AGAIN, I slipped on the muddy road! How the hell can this happen two times at such short intervals at the same god-damn place?
Unless, it was just bad luck week....


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  1. Please keep trying
    there is saying"Practice makes man perfect" no one is perfect so why practice
    Please never loose hope of give
    There r four things who never stop for any body 'Time' 'Train' 'Bus' 'Girls'
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    Bye bye