Monday, February 13, 2006

Thumbnails get noticed

Almost every time when I want the files that I downloaded from siffy to be transferred to my ipod, people notice the thumbnails of my sketches in my ipod and ask if I made them and praise it. Thus I figured that I should also post thumbnails on the blog too. I was very stupid not to post the thumbnails in my fun portal blog but photobucket dosent have thumbnail facility. Hence, I uploaded them at and will show the thumbnails right now.

this photo was on the back cover of my "figure study made easy" book.

this is pankaj mamaji`s son anshul.
And here is the real photo from which i tried to draw him.
Free Image Hosting at

this is from some baby picture i downloaded from the net.


1 comment:

  1. hi...saw ur here goes my comments:

    1.Wats that first pic...a woman trying to collect her shit :)))))...sorry ...jokes apart..its nice

    2.The two kids r realllyyyyyyyy cute, very neatly drawn, very perfect.