Sunday, February 05, 2006

Posting from monu didi`s house

Its been three days since i made any post to my blog. And now it matters much because i`m nearing 50 posts on both my blogs. But because there is no internet connection at home, I came over to monu didi`s place last night. But we were having too much fun playing worms armageddon for me to go up and post an entry then and there. But after everybody decided it was enough at around 12 am, I came up and connected to the net and started downloading firefox browser. I use the firefox and greasemonkey method to tag posts on my "fun portal" blog so i couldnt post without it. Thats why i also wanted to download the portable version of firefox browser to carry around in my ipod. But after finishing the big download, I found out that it was firefox v1.0 DAMN! it was around 2:30 by now so I had even thought of making a post with the title "good luck and good night" but again the browser crashed and I decided enough was enough. Well I`m sitting here waiting for it(v1.5) to be downloaded again and thinking, what should my 50th post be like?

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