Monday, February 13, 2006

I`m Just glad to be back home safely

I don't like going to wedding receptions of some distant relative I hardly remember. What makes it worse is that its too crowded(and I still don't know many people there). Everybody is just there so that he can step over your foot, drop his sweat on you or at least shove you around. The stage part is still very safe compared to the dinner buffet area where everyone is also trying to drop food all over your clothes. I anyways was very bored and not-hungry so I pleaded with mom to let me go back home. After relenting a little she finally did let me leave! Thanks!
But just as I was about to leave, after bringing water for divya, I went to throw the plastic glass in the trash, plates half-filled with food tumbled from the pile in an over-filled bin splattering the gravy of chole around. I had a close shave! I escaped getting DIRTY by a few centimeters! I thanked god and without any further delay, ran for the exit!


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  1. U know wat..i feel the very same way...abt relatives..abt weddings...try to keep as away from them as possible...n right now i m having the worst time with 'the relatives' things...i just wish it gets over soon