Tuesday, November 29, 2005

!0 Days Huh

Okay, should i start with whats latest or with what happened first?I think i`ll just tell you whats latest.
I Just found out this tutorial about making a sketch effect out of a photo.(Not the charcoal and chalk effect in photoshop)The Photo of his son that the tutorial writer used came out finished with a very good effect.So i decided to do the same for Gudiya`s picture.I did it in GIMP thats what the tutorial was for.So, what do u think of the results?
Then, i`d like to ask you all to wish me luck because my passport has finally arrived and i`ll be giving the exam on 3rd.And i admit that this time my preparation is not as good as it was the first time.But i cant do anything about it because all of my books are in mumbai.I`m doing all that i can from the kaplan cd and the collegeboard online questions.
So, when i was in Nagpur to get my passport,i saw suraj`s I-pod Nano.(that lucky bastard!)and was very impessed.Now i cant wait to get my own ipod with a screen.In order to prepare for it, i even downloaded the album art for all the songs i have.I think i`ll stop here and publish it.

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