Saturday, December 03, 2005

Finally gave my sat

Well, There i was.Back after two months at the jjpb institutions-not as well prepared as i was then i`d say-But the test centre was changed."It was notified by an e-mail sent to us by the collegeboard website" said another guy from fergusson whom i met while waiting there-at bharda high school.I saw that e-mail in my inbox but had ignored it because the subject just said"your sat admission ticket"If it had read change of exam centre or something i`d have read it.
So i suppose they took us in so late just to be sure that all the people who didnt know of the address change had time to make it to the new centre.But it wasnt necessary.It was just at walking distance from the old centre.Even so,the test started at around 9:30 when it should have started at 8.can u imagine that?its even worse management than our own board examinations.
But the exam went well considering the preparation that i had.Just was a little slow in some sections which i couldnt complete.I was really confused at the grid-ins section.It was in section 6 so i used the grid-in table below section 6 page.then i startd worrying that i had marked wrongly because if there is one more grid-ins section,i wouldnt have a place to mark it.but there wasnt another grid-in.So after everything was finished, i talked to everybody-In Nagpur at Kalpesh Bhaiya`s Wedding.Talkd to friends but noone was free i just went to my room and watched south park.

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