Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rip off DVD`s

The title can give you a totally different hint of what this post is about but i`m actually talking about Dvd anufacturers who say it has4.7 GB capacity but actually it has only 4.3GB of space.
Bloody rip-offs!I used to think only cheap brands do such thing but when I found out even Moser Baer is selling its 4.3 gb dvds as 4.7 GB ones-and that too at double the rate!-I was really angry.Isnt there any brand available that gives exactly 4.7GB? how about sony?even if i have to pay 30 for a sony disc i`d like to have it if it gives 4.7 GB.When will these people ever learn the lesson not to decieve the public like this?I have for one lost complete trust of moser baer.
I cant backup a DVD movie just because all the dvds that i have are 4.3 and the movie size is 4.7!

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