Tuesday, December 13, 2005

i just got to post a picture of mine.

The only good photo of mine that i have in digital format is a picture of me from three years ago that i put up on my webpage geocities.com/yash_unique but now i think that the picture was too small in size so i dont feel like uploading it here. So tell me if you really want me to put the picture up or not.
I am definately not going to put a recent image of mine because...I JUST CANT GET A GOOD SNAP! i just aint satisfied with the results of these images.i am not very photogenic and hence dont like to get snapped much.well,that isnt the case with my cousin nikku.He is a big sissy and his face is a poor mess.And still he believes that his pictures are gorgeous.I wont say anything but wouls like to quote arjun bhaiya"nikku has a superiority complex"the expressions that he makes are even sillier than his face itself.its not like he is very calm and dosent let his face show what he feels-thats the case with me(you`ll always find me looking disintrested and dull except for the time when i`m really really excited)-He on the other hand gives extraordinariy over-hyper-larger than life expressions and thats bad because it makes his face look like a CARICATURE.
okay thats all the bitching for today.speak to ya next time!

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