Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mailing big files to friends

You obviously remember that i had got a 30gig account na?Now a days i have started forwarding big video files to friends just because i can.I just sit at a reliance webworld just waiting for the file to get uploaded.This is just ruining my time but i cant help but show off my account.
Actually i also hope that in this way i will spread the habit of forwarding to people anything intresting you find.I like to have a collection of funny/good videos on my pc so i will like all your contributions.send me any good video.Not the link because then some downloads are blocked by rliance webworld.

But again i`d like to justify it by saying that i just came here to download some new patch/driver for my radeon 9000 so that i can run need for speed most wanted.I have a friend and a cousin who are eagerly waiting for first hand report of the game.PLEASE PLEASE GOD LET IT RUN AFTER THIS......

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