Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This confuses me even more!

AMD scores huge 7-round TKO over Intel in dual-core benchmarks by ZDNet's David Berlind -- The news keeps getting worse for Intel when it comes to arch nemesis AMD. The last time I checked in on AMD's rising star, the company's Turion mobile processor was holding its own against Intel's Pentium M. In the last month alone: AMD served more than 15 companies with subpoenas [...]

U c, i was going to buy a new pc and i wanted a dual core processor since i multitask a lot!i always have more than 4 applications running at my desktop at a time and this habit is hard to get rid of.Since AMD dual core processor was very expensive, i had set my mind on an intel dual core.but now this 7 round test has just managed to increase the dilemma.do i wait for the prices to come down?Man that would mean never ever getting an upgrade because my dad keeps having mood swings and if he once decides not to it could take forever to make him agree again!
And i believe my AMD fan cousin would love to hear about it.he was the one pestering me to buy AMD all along-not considering my dual core demand.

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