Thursday, November 17, 2005

Send Me a 30gigs invite please

hi all,
i have been reading about 30 since a long time but today i finally decided to get me an account.So i`m asking for an invite.Mail me at believe people in IT or engineering circles would have a lot of invites.
The website can send attachments of upto 100mb.Very good for sharing videos of serials or movies.i wanted to send someone a south park episode but for that i have to divide the episode in 8 rar archives to be able to e-mail it to him.
And, i`d also like to know what u think of my tag.especially u ruchi didi.

One more thing, i`m finally in pune.I had a very bad day yesterday,but i`m not in a mood to go through it again so my diary wont have any details of it.

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