Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I have a life too

Cartoons are a very big part of my life,well...Any animator would say that but I have a life beyond that too.and so, I have put up a different blog.I will definitely try to keep the both separate.
so, lets give u a preview of what i`ll be writing here.
I might Just keep this Blog as a diary of all the intresting things i do and keep the unintresting and boring things out.

For today, i had to help my little sister divya out with scanning and copying some of her documents she needs for her NIFD(national institute of fashion design) submission.Then i just sat updating the template of the blog that i created yesterday, http://cartoonsne1.blogspot.com it was a time consuming job since i had forgotten about html.but with a litle trial and error, that was fixed.but now the gif dosent match with anything else on my blog.I still have one important job to do though.get my baby neice`s photos and send them to my cousins.i might as well put up some here for everyone to see.

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