Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Visiting seoni part 1

Its really been long since I updated this blog. And I have an excuse. I was visiting my relatives in seoni. Its a small place in Madhya pradesh about 130Km away from Nagpur. I hadn't even bought my ticket to nagpur up until one hour before the bus was supposed to depart. If I hadn't gotten that last seat, the whole plan would have been screwed. But, I arrived in Nagpur just fine, the next day and called up harsh to come pick me up. We were in nagpur that evening, and left for Seoni at around 10 pm. The bus ride was awful. By the time we reached seoni, about 3 hours later, I was really tired. But we were determined we were going to go play sports early next morning with mamaji.

Mamaji plays Lawn tennis these days. He's also awesome at badminton and table tennis. Suraj wanted to play Lawn tennis, so we left him with mamaji. Harsh and me went to the officer's club to play some table tennis and badminton. I drove the car for that short distance, and was pretty comfortable with it. What can I say, I'm a natural! Harsh is really good at table tennis too, but he was a little rusty. Thus I could beat him a few times. It was really a lot of fun. Then Mamaji and Suraj arrived, and then it was badminton time. By the end, I was really hungry and couldn't get home fast enough. One awesome breakfast later, we were upstairs watching how I met your mother.

We had plans for the evening as well. Harsh and Suraj took short naps in the daytime. For lunch, I cooked okra. We decided to go for boating at dalsagar. Its a small lake, with a small island in the center. And get ready for this, The trees on that island are inhabited by large number of bats! Harsh told me the tale of 'the time everything on the island went white!' And I had it figured it had to be because of bird droppings. haha. I took photos of bats in flight as they flew right above us, and skimmed the water. I will be uploading those on flickr soon. Also, with the help of my tripod, I got some pictures of the lake after sundown that everyone REALLY liked.

Then, we went to Center point for dinner. No wait, that was after the really boring and annoying and useless round of clothes shopping at koutons. Every time I visit my nanaji, naniji in seoni, they buy us new clothes. It was really exciting for us when we were kids. But now, I really wasn't into it. I felt I didn't really need any new clothes, and was never going to find anything that fits. And when I say no, it means NO. Mamaji tried hard to persuade me into 'looking for clothes' but I didn't. I guess mom ended up buying something for dad.

Center point hotel was a little disappointing that night. The food had too much chilli in it. And I having lost my tolerance for heat, couldn't eat much. I did try to take some pictures of star trails, but the stars didn't look as bright, probably because the gardens were very well lit. Anyways, we came back, and I had a craving for 'barf ka gola' but unlike always, tonight, there was nobody around our house. Back home, suraj was determined to finish season one of how I met your mother tonight. So he watched on, as I fell asleep.

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  1. we guys .. always lose interest for clothes eventually .. the last time i went shopping for clothes was like a year ago .. !!