Monday, May 19, 2008

Sleepover at abhinav's

Okay, now, I am not sure, how many of you readers remember this, but I could never get it out of my head. And so, when I was finally on my way to Abhinav's place, I was really hoping that this would make up for my stupidity more than a year ago.

I just needed some alone time to think about this post and some peace and quiet to type it up. And so, this morning, with my fresh mind, and while pranav's sleeping, I am aiming to finish this blog post and publish it. Its already a day late, and I'd rather not delay it any further. so here goes!

I think the last time I travelled in a pune bus was before december 2006. I loved riding the pulsar and would never get tired of it. Actually, now, I kinda miss the pulsar. But anyways, the bus ride wasn't too bad. I caught one from near suwarnanagri, where pranav's flat is, in bibewadi. I was surprised to see the fancy new ticketing system they had now. A machine that would print out your start point, your destination, the distance, the fare and the total on a bright white paper. And it was really fast. Cool!

I was supposed to get down at Swargate, but I was busy texting someone and missed the stop. Then I got down on Tilak road, and walked back to swargate. I hadn't had any breakfast so I needed to put something in my system. I had a glass of neera, after AGES! Well, even I'm not really sure what the drink is made of, but kinda tastes like coconut. I had a hard time finding a bus to nigdi, but all was good, and I started my 24 km bus ride. I was kinda frustrated by the diesel smoke and thought I should have rather gone by the train.

I got down at tilak Chowk after Akurdi and Abhinav came to pick me up. We had a glass of sugarcane juice and went to his home. I met his grandparents, and his pets. Golu looked bigger than I expected. Then we played some games on his computer. Having a joystick really rocks! He had a lot of digit and chip magazines lying around. I flipped through those, I remember the time when I used to buy each and every issue of those mags.

He kept asking me over and over again, "tu bore to nahi ho raha na?" (Are you getting bored?) It was really funny. I told him to not think about it. I was having a great time. And if something bored me, he'd find out. lol. We started watching a martial arts movie while we had lunch. I don't remember what it was called, there was jet li in it. Since it was in chinese and japanese, we had to watch it with subtitles.

The food was really good. But I couldn't figure out what the one vegetable preparation was. And lunch made me really sleepy. Add to that the fact that I hadn't slept much the previous night. So I said to him, I'll take a nap. And we went to the room with the beds, and I fooled around, and I wasn't sleepy anymore... for a little bit. Then, I was sleepy again! So I said, lets just do it. "Wake me up in one hour." I woke up two hours later, at 7. It was already kinda dark outside. I was feeling so stupid for sleeping through the evening time when we could have gone out and done something fun.

Then we started the movie, 'The kingdom'. I hadn't seen it before, but the movie is AWESOME! If you haven't seen it, you have GOT TO! In the middle of the movie, we decided to go out to get dinner. And that's when the funniest incident of the night happened. I was waiting for him outside the house, when I suddenly feel something touch my ass. I turn around, scared, and see its only Jimmy (his dog). I cool down, but then he puts his face up in my crotch! I walk back, turn around again, and call out for abhinav. And jimmy just grabs a hold of my leg with both his front limbs and looked like he was trying to hump me.

I was freaked out now. I move forward a little, Abhinav walks out, Jimmy has let go by now. I say to him, "do you know what your dog was just doing?" And Suddenly, Jimmy grabs hold of me, tighter than before, and this time, really starts humping! And he just wouldn't get off! Fuck! I could feel his claws scratching my foot. It took quite a bit of yelling to get him off. I wasn't going to struggle/fight with my leg for the sake of its safety. And when it was all over, I asked, "Hey, have you ever seen the south park episode of sparky the gay dog?"1

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  1. Good post. Glad you had a good time here.

    Btw lol Jimm isn't officially "my" dog LOL. He just stays in the building eating, pooping and guarding the building lol.