Friday, December 01, 2006

alien sighting in pune

I never thought i'd witness an alien abduction but then again, who'd ever expect such things to happen to him? They are all always sudden,unexpected,etc. So this night I am at pranav's place again, I was invited over for dinner(or was I?). And I really enjoyed it, specially because I was already pretty hungry after all the dancing. Then I really needed to go to bed and let my muscles rest.

I had already gotten into the blanket and wished pranav good night but he recieved a really funny sms that he wanted to share with me. That being done, I went back under the blanket(not because I was sacred of the dark but because that's how I always sleep.) But just a few seconds later bright light filled the room for a second and there was a weird sound. I looked out of my blanket and pranav wasn't in his place.

I was totally stunned! What the hell just happened I tried to think with my weary little brain. The immediate conclusion, he was abducted by aliens. Aliens? In India? Right here in lohgaon! Freaky! I just got back and snuggled up inside the blanket. My only protection. (hmm isn't today world aids day? So you can consider that the social message of the day)

Too sacred to look out and with already aching muscles, I couldn't sleep anymore. My sleep had disappeared. I just lay there thinking about what would be the consequences.. To lighten up my mood I thought about the first episode of south park. Guess it worked.. I was slowly coming to my senses..

I start putting the pieces together. The light could have been a bulb in the other room.. The sound was probably a creaking door. And just maybe, that sneaky guy just walked out without making any noise at all.. Like he flew away.. And Just Then pranav walks back into the room and lies down back on the couch. False alarm people, go back to sleep. Good night.

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