Sunday, December 03, 2006

stop staring

You ever had this experience that you are just looking around in a public place when someone catches your eye and you keep looking back there over and over again? Not talking about cases when she's pretty,drop dead gorgeous and sexy, its cases where someone is just so darn ugly or downright weird that are intriguing. One such case happened with me at vaishali this morning.

Aniruddh bhaiya pointed out this uncle standing there waiting for a table. He had very very very hairy (and I mean every "very" that I put in there) ears. It was fun for a few seconds, Aniruddh bhaiya made some jokes about it and I laughed and he was done with it. But for me, it just kept getting worse. I know Its gross but just cant help looking there over and over again. I was getting worried about how I could eat after this. Reminded me of the dexter's lab episode where dexter's thoughts are heard by everyone and he sees the lunch lady with a gross mole on her cheek.. I was in exactly the same situation.

And this topic of staring people came up again when we noticed people staring at us. Obviously not for some such gross reason,(I hope) they were waiting for a table and were just looking for when we'd get done.. Maybe their strategy was to make us uncomfortable or self conscious so that we'd stop eating and get the hell out. But that wasn't going to happen. You cant stop ME! NEVER!

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