Monday, December 18, 2006

first blogger beta mobile post

I really wish they had implemented html tags in emails.. Bold, underline, italics and other formatting is necessary for giving the proper impact to whatever you want to convey. But you cant always have everything can you?

Another thought, after I get to canada, i'll be registered with one of the major cell phone service providers in north america, and then I might finally be able to register my mobile device on yahoo and be able to post any technology related content on my 360 blog from my cellphone. Ofcourse, as I've heard that cellular service abroad is very expensive, and wi-fi hotspots are abundant, I'll be using those to connect online.

Just talked to dad and he says I need to plan my trip considering I'll be leaving on 2nd of jan itself. So as pranav doesnt seem to be ready to come to akola, i'll go alone on 23rd and then go to nagpur as and when possible but I'm definately staying there for new years. And then I'll have to rush to pune, grab my stuff and reach mumbai airport. Hope everything goes as planned.

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