Tuesday, December 26, 2006

school reunion night

With another entry incomplete in the drafts, the total count has reached to 2 and still, I cant help writing another one. Thats because this re-union is a bag of so many mixed feelings, this is one thing I just HAVE to have a record of in my diary.

When I first heard about this event going to take place, I was apprehensive and not very keen on going. Because such events always seemed to be(from what I've seen in movies) for the most successful of people, the popularest people during school days will still get all the attention and the nerds will be teased by the bullies yet again(this turned out to be only true in reel life as I didnt see anyone being ripped on). I obviously ain't the very successful kind, and let alone popularity, I was also bullied by many.

But just about 2minutes after I arrived there, I realized how big a mistake I would have made had I denied the invitation to the party. Because I met one of my best pals in mount carmel whom I had lost complete contact with after I moved to pune. Rahul Hartalkar. What an awesome chap he was and still is.

The program was very cheesy at best, same old hosts, same rude audience. The regular introduction round. Which was plagued by many "microphone not working" problems. Some games were fun, and the rewards included kit kats. Chits were drawn from bowls to select the players and Random people were called up front for distributing the prizes. And then there was voting for Mr. and Mrs. 'Unify'- thats what the event was called. And as the final announcement was made- a request for 10more bucks from each attendee as the expenses had exceeded the collection by around 1k, and the money collected, we all went to the lawn for the real party.

The biggest disappointment was here, as the music sucked big time! I really wish they'd informed us before hand that we had to get good music for ourselves. I would have gotten my dvd of nice rockin music. And I wouldn't have to bother about others in the party not likin my taste because most of these people having lived in places like pune and nagpur(I'm sure thats where most of 'em are) had started liking the same genere of music too. Rahul was talkin to me about linkin park's numb!

But music's not the only thing we share our likings in. Even the movies I and he likes are similar. We both bashed dhoom2 while we admired movies like no man's land, miami vice and even the animated cars. I was surprised to discover we have so much in common. No wonder he was my best friend in school days. And at this point, I'd like to point out to my previous entry "confession...".

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