Thursday, December 28, 2006

My dearest collection

I have over 38 movies on over 20 dvds with me that I got over the internet, from friends or just by copying the dvds that I had rented from dvd express. I have about 4, of my photographs and 4 music dvds. Then there are at least 8 dvds with cartoons like south park, family guy, simpsons, rugrats and dexter's lab. Plus downloaded softwares and video tutorials.

I have amassed them over the year since we got broadband in our house. I would sit up over the night from 2am to 8 during the free hours to download as much as I could. Then when we got the unlimited connection, I would check back all day to see how far each download had progressed. The speeds we get here aren't even half of what broadband users in the developed countries of the world were using.

Now I have over 200 GB of data that I want to carry with me to canada. Even though arjun bhaiya constantly keeps sayin I could easily re-download all this in a very short time, I know many of these items are very rare. I might not find active torrents of them later on. Then there's the threat of the anti-piracy police. I had asked manish bhaiya and aniruddh bhaiya and both agreed taking it there shouldn't be a problem. But montu bhaiya and anu didi are coaxing me to leave all that gold behind. How could I let go of my precious?

So i'm callin out to all you people who have carried discs over international flights specifically to canada, to help me out of this dilemma. What is a safe number of discs to carry and what should I label them? How should I conceal them? I dont have much time to pack now, so quick replies would be appreciated.

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