Thursday, November 30, 2006

I dont want to forget

suju asked me how was my day and I replied "totally forgettable". But I didnt really want to forget it. That was just so that I didnt have to mention the details of what we did today, which anyways wouldnt interest suju that much.

It was the first time I had taken my 250GB hard disk to a friend`s place. I needed to burn some stuff off my hard disc but the dvd writer at my home was very old and unreliable. It managed to completely waste almost 1/3rd the discs I fed it, and there were another 50% chance that the verification would fail and show me read errors. Pranav's house is a really long way away from my house. Its almost the other corner of the city. But still, it was worth it because of the time we'd spend together!

Now at pranav's pc, he had Nero burning rom installed. I don't know what version it was, but when nero wasted 3 of my dvds saying "illegal disc" a sinking feeling set in my heart. I had bought 50 of those discs! at 18 rupees each, there went 54 rupees down the hatch. And I wasn't sure the other 47 would work either! So even though I started feeling like going out and buying new discs too, once we both were out in the market, I changed my mind and thought I`d find a new piece of software that would accept my dvds..

So I found Burn on cds and DVDs from in one of the digit dvds. a Free software, which just shows an advertisement every time you exit it. Not really bothersome but could do without it too... then again, thats what you have to deal with in free softwares.

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