Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Morning

How would you feel? what would your reaction be, if you were told by a trustable source that "Angelina Jolie" is taking a stroll in a park just a few hundred meters away, in your own colny!?

I`m sure most replied "I would run down to that park with my camera and autograph book and pen at the speed of light" ..or something similar. But I`m sure the answer is subject to change depending on the conditions you`re in. what if you were in a towel? what if you were totally stinking because you didn't have a bath in days! What if you are in a wheelchair, sick or because of a fracture?

Similarly, I didnt share arjun bhaiya`s enthusiasm this morning when he told me "she is taking a stroll in sindh society`s garden right now!" I had other things on my mindt....which I think would be great if I narrate from the beginning. from the beginning from the beginning...(going into a flashback) or do you rather like the sudden "zoom! swish! tada!" type?

I was supposed to leave for college but had to finish scanning the documents that had come from sheridan college Canada. Thats my acceptance letter with few details on the payment on fees etc. But the stupid scanner wasn't working so I had to uninstall it and start from scratch. but after two tries, I finally succeeded in installing the damn scanner and used the hp software to scan document pages one by one...BIG MISTAKE! I was also typing something else I faintly remember, The password to access the modem control page I believe. when the software finished scanning and popped up a question "do you want to scan another document?" with yes choice highlighted. And before I could notice, I pressed enter and the scan dialog box opened up again. (don't you just hate it when that happens? when the heck are they gonna get rid of that system? we control the machines not the other way round! they should sit quiet in the background until we take note of it!)

So I pressed the close button and it exited, but to my horror, the previous documents that I had scanned had not been saved yet! WTF? stupid software you #%^&$*#&! So, I decided I`d do it later on. And proceeded to search for the key that arjun bhaiya had placed on my table just yesterday. After few mins of looking everywhere that the key is(was?) supposed to be, I called Arjun bhaiya up. Now, at just 5 mins past 12 pm, class was gonna start in 25 minutes. And when I ask him about the key that I really really badly when you have to go pee really really you just have to go crap, you cant hold it in anymore.. he tells me about the awesomely gorgeous, world famous really sexy actress being in the sindh society park. and continues saying, tauji is gonna go see... I was loosing precious seconds. I had to be there, in college, not because college rules being so strict, but I was getting too impatient to meet my friends. I had missed meeting them yesterday too, and hadn't seen them in over 20 days!

I wasnt pissed i would like to make that clear that first. It was more like a dilemma. Why did she have to be there TODAY? RIGHT NOW? Can my college/friends wait? WHEN THE HECK IS HE GONNA GET ON WITH THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE DARN KEY! my cellphone balance is dropping and so on.. It was a state I don't think I have been able to aptly put into words..

But then just after expressing the option of him giving the key to me when he gets back home "in 10 minutes or so", he told me the location of the other key. While walking out, I gave one last thought to whether I wanna run to the park with my camera and an autograph book and pen, I decided to just go to college.

....doh! what a stupid decision!

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