Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm amazed! I still..

don't believe I was riding the cycle for around 25minutes straight. I didnt think I had that much stamina in me. But I don't. All that was made possible by his amazing new bike, octane 2. With 21gears and all aluminium body, cost him around 7k! He's a genius, he knew the attention he'd grab at the barber's and everybody'd want to ride he took me along and my job was to do exactly what a chauffeur has to do when there's no parking available around. Drive it round the block. And I wouldn't be happier doing it. So happy in fact, that I got lost.. Now that was scary..but after few minutes of searching around, tracking back my trail, I got back to him.

I had thought all that cycling would make me hungry again, but it didn't.. Alas! For I couldn't have enough of the delicious prawns and fish that pranav's mom had cooked. My stomach was satisfied but I wasn't. That was one of the best seafood I've ever had. No fish smell in the fish! It was so tender.. I could eat that food blindfolded.. I know because there was a blackout in the middle of dinner time. Some air force drill.

Well we didn't want to waste any more time, like we did all day long..we listened to podcasts, watched family guy, read magazines, saw funny adverts and though less enjoyable than the rest, we also went out to get supplies on the cycle..damn the 'carrier' hurts! Pranav has a vast collection of was like he bought the whole book store! Was really hard to make up my mind what to read first. When I spotted maxim, it was hard to get my eyes off it.problem solved. Heh!

So when we started sketching, I wanted to try and draw one of the females in maxim but was highly risky, as we were in the hall, parents or his sis could walk in anytime. So I started sketching the game controller that he had, it was super frustrating! I just couldn't get its shape right. And if it hadn't been for the inspiring words of pranav, I'd just have given it up and maybe torn it to bits.. So with lots of distractions, breaks, inputs from pranav, I managed to complete it around 3:30am and was ready to visit dreamland.

Pranav on the other hand, was determined to finish his poster. It was coming along nicely. His sketches were even better than in the rough draft. When I woke up, he was already coloring it. With steadtler water color pencils. So beautiful and precise. Well I had to run back to home to get ready and go to college, not to mention picking up suju on the way. So I bid farewell and was on my way, thinking I'd definitely blog about yesterday.

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