Monday, November 06, 2006

An excuse

Arjun bhaiya!

Thats the excuse I`m getting to skip college, stay at home, neglect my chores, watch lots of cartoons and serials. Since he came back from akola, I haven't been getting free unrestricted access to the pulsar. Moreover, Montu bhaiya has taken the ct100 to urli kanchan. So I cant go anywhere.(scooty? that stupid scooterete wont even start!) Thats why I was late for the outdoor sketching on saturday and suju had to drop me to my house in the evening.

The other day it seemed suju was really pissed off because I said my coming there was uncertain. But I surprised her when I turned up at her house. That was because as soon as arjun bhaiya was back home, I asked him if I could take it and as soon as he said yes, I ran out without telling taiji that I`m not having lunch at home anymore. Because if I did, she`d have made me sit and eat and that would have meant that I`d have gotten delayed and maybe till then arjun bhaiya would change his mind about letting me use the bike and that would really really screw me up!

well, untill more interesting and funny things come up, I`ll just stop because I was just made to realize something by a friend and I`m thankfull for that.

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