Monday, November 13, 2006

The energy of Mumbai

I could feel it from the second I stepped down from the bus. My step wasn't as energetic in a long time. My head wasn't so firm in many months and my posture which I couldn't observe myself, but am sure was full of vibe.

I knew what I had to do and I knew where I'd be doing it. Even though dad was with me I didn't really need him. I was totally ignoring him, I felt independent. I was liberated! I wasn't dependent upon any cousin's bike to take me around.(don't tell me I could do the same thing in pune..pune's public transport sucks!there's a reason I'm a different person in mumbai than in pune.)

I could have gone whole day without food like I used to, in those days, had it not been for the pestering of dad.. Just then I saw the frankie stall on churchgate where I used to eat when I came to USEFI. And was surprised when dad asked me if I wanted to drink cold was only later that I realized that dad didn't know it was cold..he was expecting it to be hot-no he didn't read all those banners.

Now even after I reached andheri, I walked to richa's house and wasn't a bit tired! And another walk when I accompanied richa to pick up drishti from her dance class. I really wanted to spend all the time I could with her. Talking to her is very reassuring,relaxing,refreshing
..(wanted to add some more adjectives here but I'm afraid some people might call it going over the top..that would be a good chance for sumit to get back at me for calling his book a little over the top at some points)

I see I've swayed from the topic and its getting difficult to stick to it and make it any I'll just skip the part about me walking around dadar station for almost 20mins looking for the toilet (actually that was my secret plan to avoid nikku) and mention the last walk of the day, at night around 12:30..okay, technically the next day.. We walked from balewadi pune in the bad cold without any sweater or jacket for more than a km hoping that someone would be nice enough to give us a ride till sindh society.. Because there were no autos and arjun bhaiya wasn't picking up the phone, we'd have to hitch hike!

Lift please..someone?anyone?

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