Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Night

My plan of watching the ant bully was totally ruined because it turns out Times of India misprinted the information in the pune times and there was no show of the ant bully at city pride kothrud. Now that was really annoying. Because pranav was hard to convince to go to the movie with me today. Don't even know if he`ll be ready to go the next time. But as we were already so close to sujata`s house and we weren't doing anything else, I decided that we should go pay her a visit.

Today at Sujata`s place, there was no one else besides her and now us. We had khichdi and again, because was really really hungry, I had to eat something I never liked before. Then it was off to the terrace where we had chats about almost everything from clouds to computers. Sumit had called suju up when we were at the terrace and I don't know sumit`s part of the story, but suju said he hung up soon after she said we both were there. No offense taken man. Did I mention we were discussing abt the clouds? I guess I did. Thats due to what pranav predicted that its gonna rain soon. And he was right. As soon a we got downstairs to leave, it started pouring.

I could wait but pranav had to leave..but he didn't know the way back so we waited for a while and as the rainfall subsided a little, we both went to show pranav the way upto he mainroad. Then we got back and what happened next is kind of a stupid silly secret. You can ask me directly if you want to know but I`m going to keep it under wraps for now so the general public doesn't know..

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