Thursday, November 23, 2006

Paying for premium features?

Hope you all noticed the deviant art "pastie" in the sidebar. I logged into the website today and found the funny message, happy birthday, happy easter, April fools or whatever you're celebrating, we have a gift for you. And just like that, I got a free one week trial. I had seen the subscription page of deviantart and know its very cheap..around rupees 3per day. I had given it a thought too..simply because of the extended stats feature and the ability to display my most popular drawings on my website/blog. I had even calculated the cost per day in rupees for flickr too and thought its not that expensive either.

But then I didn't think asking dad for it was a good idea. Would really be rather appropriate if I only subscribe once I actually made something..maybe off my pictures on stock photo sites.. But just yesterday, aniruddh bhaiya put forward the aspect of me working in Canada and earning around 20$per hour..then I was really looking forward to subscribing to them. And just then, I get this free subscription for a week! Now it'll be even harder to refrain myself. Lets see.

And please leave a comment on what one do you think is my best 'deviation' so far?



  1. Your photos are great. I also like the spareness of your drawings - they create interesting atmospheres.

  2. Thanks tracey. I`ve been trying to upload new pictures to deviantart but seems like theres some problem. and you didnt say anything about the render.. the image of the blue suzuki swift is render of a 3d model I made in max 8.

  3. Heya, thanx for visiting my blog.

    Deviantart is probably one of my favourite graphic sites :D Good to see that you're there. If I had to choose one of the pix on your side bar, it'd have to be the purple flower. Nature has sort of mystical power for me. Always reminds me of the simple but precious things in life. :)

  4. whats your deviantart page? i`d love to see your work too.