Monday, November 13, 2006

inscrutable cancerians

You'd be forgiven to think that this self centered blogger's next post is about himself again. But it isn't so. My dad is also a crab. You'd expect me to know him well but not every crab knows every other cancerian well, because of the fact that cancerians inherently tend to be very i don't know if its the right word but.. They are little confused.i know i am,Richa isn't very sure about herself and her feelings either(sorry, correct me if I'm wrong and thats not the case)

This morning, among all the hustle in my room-basically me frantically doing the rounds juggling between my visa documents, and flickr, and Firefox spell check problem. Yes, I'm a multitasking machine!ok, LOL! Arjun bhaiya comes to ask me why am i going to mumbai. I'm like, didn't dad tell ya? And he says no he said he doesn't know.. When he's the one who's been yelling at me since morning that I should get my documents ready and get ready to go to mumbai for applying for the visa.

That left me with a smile on my face but feeling confused in my head. I was smiling because I feel its funny that dad didn't tell him but sent to me instead. Its like fooling him to believe he doesn't know about me and my schedule. Now that's the last thing I'd wanted because everybody in the house was already implying since 11th that I'm avoiding my dad and I am scared of him. Lets make it clear right here right now! One- I wasn't avoiding dad, that was just a coincidence that my plans coincided with his coming to pune! Two- I'm not sacred, I'm just not very comfortable with dad around..talking to him isn't exactly my thing.(expecting me to tell you why I was confused? If I knew it wouldn't really be confusing now would it?)

Then we got delayed in leaving for mumbai because dad kept pestering me to have breakfast even when I didnt want to. Then around 20more minutes because we didnt get a bus immediately. And he said, we wont make it in time before it closes. I was pretty sure it had to be open till 5pm atleast. In the bus again, he said it'll close at 3pm and we wont make it in time. He sounded pretty sure. Is it only me or do you too feel like asking him if you're so sure, why are we on this bus today?


  1. Being a scorpio myself, the world of the Cancerian sounds like a fascinating place to be!!

  2. believe me, you dont want to be a cancerian. they are too sensitive, are hurt so easily and it gets unbearable after a while. I probably would have been in a deep state of depression if it werent for my friends.

  3. hey i dont agrree with u....i am a proud cancerian though.......i think cancerians are fun to be with.......i have maximum cancerian frnds as well..............

  4. Hey avani I was just wondering how you got to visit such an old post on my blog? I even tried to visit your profile but it wasn't available

  5. radhey yash.....i dont have any blog account or so...just happen to see your blog spot...and replied...just ws going through cancerians stuff.....cancerians as my starsign is too dear to me.....u can say am obsessed with the thought tht am cancerian.....:-)))))