Tuesday, November 28, 2006

canadian Visa medical test breifing

So I finally gave my tests for the visa,medical tests I mean. And I'm ready to write a hints and tips/guideline post about applying for a visa. I'm not sure though where I should start with. The initial application procedure is rather easy, its the medical tests that are more confusing and pose lots of questions.

As I just got done with the medical test, I think it'd be more appropriate if I just explain about that. The requirements for the medical test will be mentioned in the reply letter(one that comes with your passport) that you get few days after applying for a visa. It'll be accompanied by a section C form. Still, it'd be better if you know and keep them ready before hand. Most important is the negative of your photo. That might take some time because film procedure is generally slower and you might have difficulty finding someone who'll take your picture with a film camera in the age of digital. I was very frustrated and confused about why they needed this and made it a point to ask the people at the x-ray clinic. Its like, they put your photo negative and expose the x-ray film with it, resulting in a print of your photo positive on the x-ray film. They also put letter cut outs on the film to have your name printed on it. This way, its easy for embassy people to verify that its your x-ray. Neat huh? And you get the negative back after its done.

Then obviously, your passport size photos; the document mentions 5 but I required only 3..but you're better off carrying more. They stick one on each form. I was sent to two different clinics after the physical check-up by Dr. Tushar Medhekar. So three forms in all requiring 3photos. Maybe you'd need to go to different people for urine test and blood test..I dont know.

I've already mentioned the x-ray, and the blood and urine tests are also just the regular procedures, they take blood from your body for testing and you have to pee in a cup.. Yes they do give you your piracy, not like Fun with Dick and Jane.. Where the store clerk is standing right behind him. But peeing in a cup is REALLY difficult. Maybe more for a first timer. Specially keeping in mind that you want to keep the cup neat..because you`re handling it. I just wonder how difficult it`d be for the gals. The blood extraction procedure for me was a little funny too. She inserted the needle and pulled on the syringe, but nothing! slowly, slowly blood started to trickle in.. I could tell she was confused. I said why isn't the blood coming out(probably because there isn't any to spare) But just then the other nurse came and said "ok that`l be enough we only have to do hiv, tb, etc.." Then you`d have to call them back and inquire about the urine test results and if there`s an infection detected, you`d have to give another sample. DAMN!

I've left the Physical examination for last for a reason though..There`s a funny incident that happened there which I only told to certain friends and maybe they'll expect to see it here.. so boom! Bust goes your bubble. I ain't gonna mention that, but I will tell, if you want to get a tattoo of something silly on your fanny, wait till after the medical test. Yeah, you need to strip! I don't really know why, and I didn't bother asking the doctor either. Maybe they are just checking for any scars from surgeries etc. Or they need to see if you`re circumcised or not.. they check your weight and height and stuff.. and an eye test. Thats where I screwed up! I have glasses, .5 and .75 negative, but I forgot to take them there. So I read out c as O, both the times. Damn! I said when I found out the o actually had a very slim cut in the center. The doctor is also gonna ask you what course you`re gonna do in Canada and what u`re doing here.. like an interview but nothing to be tensed up about. He`ll also ask if you smoke or drink. and if you do, you damn well better own up to it. Because if they spot some irregularities in the x-ray and you sad you don't smoke, they might relate it to cancer or something. But if you smoke, that would be normal. I think its gotten too long and boring by now so I`ll stop already, I can see you begging me to.. hehe



  1. Thanks :) This helps.

  2. This really helped me. Thanks buddy.

  3. hi i just applied for work permit and had interview same day then they told me u will receive ur refusla or approval via post.
    i would appreciate if u tell me how long it takes for this.
    thanks in advance

  4. Thanks a the info. Its ver helpful

  5. Thanks Mr. Yash Gupta

    I also visited Dr. Tushar Medhekar and the similar events happened. Could you just tell me how long did it to get the visa after the medical examination was done?

  6. Well, there were a bunch of other steps after the medical test. and how fast you get the visa depends on whether you have to go through the interview or not. I did not have to give an interview for my canadian visa back then.

  7. OK. So, if u remember, how long it took to get you the visa after the medical examination?

  8. Sorry man, That was about 4 years ago now. I do not remember.

  9. do they check blood pressure?
    i have an cut mark just above my ****
    shoul i tell the doctor that i had an poeration when i was 10 yrs old?
    do i hav to be completely naked for the test?
    if am wearing an underwear the cut mark doesnt show

  10. I don't remember for sure, but I imagine they would check for the blood pressure.
    Yes, you will have to be completely naked. And you should probably be honest about anything the doctors ask.