Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy belated birthday mohini.

I just got out of my bed to type in this thought that just occurred. Yeah if I`m awake at this moment, I might as well make myself useful and complete some assignments but nah...

Life is just not worth living without friends. Its too boring and monotonous. With friends you have anecdotes, jokes, smiles and laughs. You have name calling, swearing, anger and fights. You have resentment, confession, sorrow and sadness. You have picking, preferences, favors and jealousy. Friendship brings all these emotions to our lives. Even if they seem negative, friends DO bring those and in the end we value those experiences. They make us who we are. Living alone is such a lifeless life(couldn't I think of anything better to say? actually its really there to make you smile. Didn't want you thinking I had gotten all serious and emotional and senti about this thing) I really feel bad I missed out on all the fun my friends might have had at mohini`s bash today.

Not gonna sit and sulk over that now, just gonna hope we meet in the afternoon and talk all about what happened. Yeah..

"so miss sujata, how did you feel when you found out yash had to drop out?"

"Oh it was just such a relief! I didn't want to go back to all that south park talk so soon anyways. Wish these holidays lasted longer!"

"and what do you have to say about it pranjali?"

"Now we can talk in Marathi without having to translate each and every damn sentence that we speak. Thats such a relief!"

"Sumit? what are your views on this?"

"No one`s gonna call me pongya tonight! And ever since I called him 'lil bro', he`s been acting like a damn baby! Well, I`m off the babysitting duty for now."

"what about you Mohini?"

"I`m on the top of the world you could say. I`m gonna save a lot of money because no yash to gobble up all the food!"

"That was special reporter lalu reporting out to ya, Over and out!"

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