Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mayday Mayday: part one


7th oct 2:30 am : pranav fell asleep while taking rest on the bed because his stomach started aching all of a sudden. Acute pain. I'll let him sleep. By what he's told me about his routine lately,(not sleeping at all and constantly working on assignments) I know he really needs it. So i'm gonna let him sleep. but what I`m more concerned with is whether it was some of the food he ate at my place.. My stomach is a dump for all junk food so it probably didnt affect me but his digestive system is completely different than mine so maybe something affected him and not me. Wonder if I should say this to taiji...

Tonight would have been more play instead of the "all work" kind that we seemed to be having so far. Ok sure we did do many other activities but the 'dhmaal' that would have happened if our group was here is unbeatable! The drinks that we could just go out and get..all the snacks - chips kurkure etc.. There was no boring moment though..hard to be bored when you are totally engrossed in doing some work. Like helping out a friend in need. There were only quiet moments. or concentrating moments...when no one said anyhing. (But atleast we didnt have to resort to stupidity like sumit`s silly questions)

Though I did feel like I`m being used by him because he started making the parrot for the 3d assignment, I overcame that feeling. Then I thought what if Sumit feels the same way when I ask him to complete my assignments? I made it a point to ask him that tomorrow. But I really enjoy the company of pranav and I wouldnt want to do anything to upset him and make him not want to be with me. which will be discussed in the second part.. so untill then...


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