Wednesday, October 04, 2006

my house-an epitome of dis-orderliness

Well I had decided, kinda in my mind that i should refrain from blogging from mobile if everybody's gonna want to read the entry on my phone itself.(like it happened with the sleepover post) but I cant help but ponder-in public-about what happened in my house today. Arjun bhaiya and taiji were looking for the cable of the sony camera taiji brought from canada. He wanted to transfer photos of last night's party to if they dont manage to find it, we'll have to buy a card reader.

that was this morning, when i needed to urgently transfer some photos to my pc, I couldn't find MY camera's data cable. Turns out arjun used my data cable for his camera! And left me with the task of searching all over for what I always placed in its fixed place. That so pissed me off! Wasted few minutes of my morning.. Which I could have utilized for somethin else I'd actually like to chat with abhinav or browse around flickr..

But why doesnt someone in this house start placing things where they can find it and save me some trouble! I totally dont have a answer for that..

sent frm my E60

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