Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finally got the news!

Have shut down the pc because i wanted to be away from people (and also to) sleep but now i'm suddenly not that sleepy anymore. I have mixed state of mind. Lots of shit going on..dont know what exactly to "reflect" upon..

yes this entry is just as small as an sms.. You'd say length of my post has been gradually decreasing. That's because quality material to take inspiration from has been in short supply of late. And i'm tryin to generate interest by being mysterious. That way, people interact more and become contributors rather than just lurkers on the blog. Atleast thats what i hope for..

see where and how quickly my mind drifted away?good night people.

sent frm my E60


  1. Ahhh...the murky inner workings of the mind. Good to see you sharing some mysterious thoughts with the world. Just wanted to drop by and thank you for posting a comment on my blog. I've added a link to your blog at my site (, so feel free to link back to me if you so wish. Cheers, Tracey.

  2. hi tracy. I`d love to put you on my links list. Most of the links already here on my blog are blogs of my relatives and friends, most of whom have stopped blogging anyways. And I`ll even put the links bar higher up, right after the chatbox.