Tuesday, October 17, 2006

And now I`m cool.

I knew I wasnt "a big pussy who doesnt have any guts in him" and so I did talk to pranav about this. wasnt as big a task as I had imagined and made it look like. It really helps when you have such an understanding friend as him.

I noticed mom was asleep and dad was in the office so I slipped out and went to the terrace and called him up. It all went so smooth. no hesitations or impulsive actions. was on the phone for like 20 minutes..I said to him I still dont have anything to say really I just want to keep listening to you like always. And he obliged. at then end of it all, I was much more relaxed and calm and happy.

It could have been the endorphins that were produced because of all the excersize that I got from walking around the terrace anxiously trying to reach his cell. His cell was engaged with someone else for quite some time before I got through to him and started chatting. Even then, I was moving aimlessly around to and fro. Well, it could also have been the fresh air..NO it was all him. Talking with him is what has always cured me. (It would be unfair to NOT mention sumit here... he`s the first one to see the obnoxious anxious, side of me and still stuck around and comforted me. And he`s the first one I reach out to in a time of crisis)

well, thats that. The main purpose of this entry wasnt to convey this to you.. it was to test a kinda glitch in the new template. This template shows the date on the top before the title of the post. But it also shows the timestamp at the bottom of the post WITH THE DATE. So what is the purpose of the date on the top I thought...Then I felt that maybe it doesnt appear above every post...it appears above every post that was posted on a different date. i.e. if I post another entry today itself, it would only display the day and date once;on top of this entry and not before the next entry because it was also posted on the same date.(well, if u dont get it, never mind..its no big deal.


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