Friday, October 20, 2006

Connections by Soul

I was just reading my friend Greenmonster`s blog chameleon in the shadow of the night. And her latest post was something I could really relate to.

I remembered this exchange of sms I had with my friend sumit a few days ago. Sumit had send me an sms apologizing for something I had totally forgotten about. And referred to me as lil bro. Thats when I had asked him what relation he thinks is more important, friends or "family"/siblings.. I narrated to him the case of my and my cousin harsh, whom I consider a friend because we`re so close despite the age difference and we share everything with each other and there`s no sibling rivalry and no "formalities" of respect etc,but still, as I`m the older one, he calls me yash bhaiya, thats it. And he said He`d consider his siblings more important than his (please note here,..) "guy friends".

But after reading greenmonster`s post, I found the right answer. No matter how I`m related to someone, If we make a connection "by soul", thats more important to acknowledge than any other relation out there!

Thanks green.


  1. Great post, dear Yash, thank you!

    I believe when you have friends, age does not matter. since 12 years I have a good friend who is 39 years older than me, but we are still good friends...

    About sibilings... sometimes we have good relations with them, sometimes not so much...

    BTW - I am having troubles while publishing this comment...

  2. I applied the inline comments hack to make it simple for people to post comment..but maybe its the blogger/blogger beta differences that are causing this..but thats why the chat box is here..maybe next time you could just use the chatbox.