Friday, October 06, 2006

when a geek needs his internet,.. He needs his net.

I am so freakin tired of having to wait for what is one of the 3 necessities of my,house and internet access! And the wait is never easy or short. It always has to be a few hours! Sure we only have one broadband connection but HELLO DUMBASS.. Have you ever heard of internet connection sharing? Your laptop has two ways to connect with the modem and one way to connect to my pc..or the pc has two lan ports so it can be connected to modem AND laptop at the same time..a simple setup and I wont need to beg. But I guess he wants me to! But he's the last person on earth..well one of the last people on earth i would beg..

I can imagine myself stranded on an island somewhere like in the serial lost. And there are arjun,nikku,anu didi,'anup and family' and sahil and tushar and sandeep and sneha-not sneha jadhav (for those who dont know, these are another 3 ass holes from fc.) thats like 10 people who i'd never want to survive with..i'd either try to be rescued from that place real soon or i'd kill myself!

sent frm my E60

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